Balkan Policy Summit : Gordon Duguid, U.S. State Department (1 videos)

Balkans Policy Summit in Brussels discussed EU accession process in the light of Brexit, migration crisis and waning public appetitte for for further EU Enlargement.The Summit “Balkans: Boosting Connections on the Road to the EU” was organised by Brussels-based think tank Friends of Europe, with the support of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Regional Cooperation Council, United Nations Development Programme, Trans Adriatic Pipeline and US Mission to the EU.

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Gordon Duguid, Senior Adviser for South Central Europe, US State Department said he sees no change coming to the U.S.’s European policy,” because America is committed to a Europe that is “whole, free and at peace.” Duiguid said the State Department’s Balkans transition team is staffed by three “very experienced professionals who are asking the right questions.”

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